vessel+velocity is an attempt to understand the process of cross-pollination that results from artistic dialectic and simultaneous acts of creation by placing two writers (who sometimes have not interacted prior) in immediate confrontation with each other. The results, which represent accelerated versions of the exchanges that happen indirectly between printed texts, are documented on this blog. A space, first and foremost, for making–secondarily, for thinking about making. Limited edition chapbooks of some collaborations will be produced; notice of these releases will be posted on the blog.

vessel+velocity is directed by Andrew David King in Berkeley, Calif.

Send thoughts, questions, and/or collaborative proposals to:
a d k i n g [at] b e r k e l e y [dot] e d u


|ˈvesəl| noun

1 a ship or large boat.

2 a hollow container, esp. one used to hold liquid, such as a bowl or cask.

• (chiefly in or alluding to biblical use) a person, esp. regarded as holding or embodying a particular quality : giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel.

3 Anatomy & Zoology a duct or canal holding or conveying blood or other fluid. See also blood vessel .

• Botany any of the tubular structures in the vascular system of a plant, serving to conduct water and mineral nutrients from the root.


|vəˈläsətē| noun (pl. -ties)

the speed of something in a given direction : the velocities of the emitted particles.

• (in general use) speed : the tank shot backward at an incredible velocity.

• (also velocity of circulation) Economics the rate at which money changes hands within an economy